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Westernaire Inc Service Areas

Air Conditioning

We offer regular and emergency A/C repairs around the clock. When you call us, we’ll give you an upfront quote and either dispatch someone right away, or book an appointment at a time that works the best for you.

Boiler Services

Whether you are responsible for a large-scale commercial operation or a single boiler, we can connect you with answers and solutions that eliminate hazards and save you time and money.

Commercial Hvac Services

Neglecting to perform boiler service and repairs can have a catastrophic impact on your day-to-day operations. Costly damage, injuries, and flooding can occur. If you suspect there may be an issue, an accredited specialist can locate the cause of the problem, correcting it before revenue is lost.

Commercial Hvac System

Fitting commercial HVAC repairs into your budget is a lot easier when you perform routine checks and can plan ahead. If this is not an option, keeping your employees and clients at a comfortable temperature doesn’t have to leave a giant hole in your bottom line. We offer upfront quotes that will never include any unexpected costs.

Furnace Services

When the cold weather hits, your employees and clients rely on a working heating furnace to stay comfortable and productive year-round. If you’ve just turned your heater on and things aren’t working as they should, you need heating contractors that can respond right away.

Heat Pump

A heat pump replacement may be necessary if your current unit has aged out of its manufacturers lifetime, or if you find you are consistently having to call for repairs and maintenance. In cases where your business has expanded, or your heating needs have changed, replacing your current unit with a newer model may be the best way to cut costs over the long term.

Hvac Maintenance

No two heating and cooling units are exactly alike after installation because no two companies are identical in the real world. We understand today’s commercial building managers require flexibility that suits your needs in real time. We put you first when we get to know your building specifications in depth, focusing on helping you achieve your objectives with low rates and long-lasting solutions.

Hvac Repair Services

Furnace repair can be stressful for any business owner who relies on this unit for quality air and temperature control. Having to wait for replacement parts to become available in stock is a frustrating experience when revenue is being lost in the meantime.

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